WE E-Force Hi-Capa 3.8 Velociraptor

WE E-Force Hi-Capa 3.8 Velociraptor

A quick little review on the WE E-Force Hi-Capa 3.8 Velociraptor going over my opinion of it, what's in the box, it's features and more ...

WE E-Force Hi-Capa 3.8 Velociraptor

The WE E-Force Hi-Capa 3.8 Velociraptor is one of my personal favourites and is the smallest of the E-Force collection which goes up to the 5.1 T-Rex Hi-Capa, a range of gas blowback pistols. It is ideal for those with slightly smaller hands although can still be used by all. The Velociraptor is available with either a black or silver slide. Each colour is then further available with either the classic slide or a vented slide. 


Whats in the box: 

The box obviously includes the velociraptor its corresponding magazine which has a 27 round capacity, a user manual and a nice additional feature of a scope mount should you decide to add one. 



So what does the Velociraptor have? The velociraptor is a gas blow back pistol which comes equipped with the normal WE front and rear sights with the front side identified with a neon green marker and the back sight with two neon orange markers allowing for easier and more accurate alignment when aiming. The velociraptor also come with two different safety mechanisms. The first safety mechanism is the thumb safety, which is present on both sides of the pistol which when flicked down locks the pistol. The fact that the thumb safety is present on both sides means the velociraptor allows for ambidextrous use, permitting the gun to be used easier for both left and right handed players. The second safety mechanism present on the velociraptor is the grip safety. This prevents the gun from being fired unless pushed in by the hand when held properly. 

The hop up system: 

The velociraptor comes out of the box with an adjustable hop up system which allows for the trajectory of the bb to be altered slightly allowing for slightly further distances to be obtained when aiming at a further away target providing a long range. Unlike a fixed hop up unit the hop turnable and hop pole can be adjusted by a slight touch. The user manual usefully comes with a full page spread detailing how to adjust the hop step by step allowing even beginners to be able to perform this adaption. 

The user manual also contains an explosion diagram of both the pistol and the magazine allowing for each individual component of the pistol to be seen in relation to its location and other components. 

Another nice feature of the user manual is the trouble resolution section which allows users to locate their problem if there every is one, identify the possible cause and solution whether this be a slight alteration in how the gun is been used or whether further action is required. 

WE also gives an approximated fps of 300 which is comfortably below site limits giving buyers the reassurance that nothing needs to be changed in order for them to be able to use the pistol straight out of the box. The pistol does however have the ability to be upgraded should the owner choose to enhance the already great performance of the pistol e.g through a crazy jet barrel. 


Overall opinion: 

Overall the WE E-Force Hi-Capa 3.8 Velociraptor is a great all around gas blowback pistol which can come in a variety of options in terms of colour and appearance and can be used in a variety of different scenario whether used outdoors or inside. As previously stated it is a personal favourite of mine, so go check them out.


Where to get your own: 

Black: https://www.308-sniper.co.uk/we-e-force-gen2-hi-capa-38-black-pistol.html 

Black vented: https://www.308-sniper.co.uk/we-e-force-gen2-hi-capa-38-vented-slide-black-pist.html 

Silver: https://www.308-sniper.co.uk/we-e-force-gen2-hi-capa-38-silver-pistol.html 

Silver vented: https://www.308-sniper.co.uk/we-e-force-gen2-hi-capa-38-vented-slide-silver-pis.html 


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