Tactical Game Innovation - Launching Shell “VOG”

Launching Shell “VOG”

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Launching Shell “VOG”


Launching Shell “VOG”

Tactical Game Innovation grenade system is an excellent choice for any player wishing to step up the airsoft game and trainings to a higher level of realism. “VOG” launching shell is compatible with replicas of GP-25 Russian grenade launchers. In order to fire them a launching shell will also be required. Powered by Green Gas and a projectile, of which many types can be found - starting with flash and ending with smoke or BB ones.

Once the shell has been filled with gas, the projectile is placed in it and a ready-to-use grenade can be placed in the barrel of the grenade launcher. Once the trigger has been squeezed, the projectile is fired while the shell remains in the same place for another use. High accuracy and stability as well as range of the projectile’s flight-path are influenced by the shell’s internal rifling, that gives the flying projectile a spin. 

The power of the fired projectile is sufficiently high so as to ensure an efficient flight, but low enough to guarantee safety to the players. Projectiles are very light and the impact strength can be compared to an impact of a paintball round. The fragmentation of the projectile itself is very safe for both the person hit and bystanders, because the shell of the projectile was made from a light polyurethane polymer that gives it a structure of a very thick sponge. It is important to remember that all players should be adequately equipped (eye and hand protection as well as tactical vests, etc.)

The set includes one “VOG” launching shell, required for the firing of grenades by Tactical Game Innovation.

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